Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Peru???

It is with much excitement that I share with you what God is doing in my life. Since the age of five I have had a desire to travel to Africa for missions. Over the years I have put this aspiration and desire on the back burner of life and even tried to ignore the calling. During the past two years God has stretched and molded me tremendously, through this growth period He has again brought upon my heart the desire for missions.

About a year ago at a mission's seminar, missionary Marilyn Laszlo spoke of her experience in Papa New Guinea for 28 years. Her heart and passion for the tribe she became member of ignited my passion to help others physically and spiritually. Since I hearing Marilyn Laszlo speak I have been praying for God to show me how I am to use this desire He has instilled within me to glorify and expand His Kingdom. I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me I need to be in missions yet I was unclear of how this was to look in my life.

Going back through my prayer journal makes me laugh! I can see looking back how God has been preparing me and leading me to this moment. In July I wrote about being depressed being single, living at home with my parents and in the same job, but that I knew God had a plan and reason for all these things. And even more dramatic, in November while on a missions trip to New Orleans with NWCC I wrote that I had a feeling from God that this next year will not look as I had planned but be His better plan instead. So let me tell you, finally, the exciting news! God has directed me to an opportunity to work with Extreme Nazarene in Peru for 27 months! God has orchestrated everything perfectly and my soul rests knowing this is His plan and as Marilyn Laszlo said, "The safest place to be is at the center of God's will".

So, no, I'm not going to Africa right now, but I know God will present that opportunity in His perfect timing. Peru is the right path for the next two years and I am excited to use this passion God has put in my heart to help those in need and share with others the amazing grace and love God has shown me and can show to them as well.

I leave May 18th and will be in Arequipa for nine months of training. The first three months will be intense Spanish training and living with a Peruvian family. After Spanish classes, my remaining time in Arequipa consist of missions and evangelism Spanish, with my Peruvian partner. Then I will be off to Tacna, where my partner and I will be planting three churches. We will be building replationships with local people, playing soccer with kids, starting Bible studies, and more. Everyday will be different and come with its own rewards and challenges.

You can check out more about Extreme Nazarene at, also check out my link at I'll be using this blog to post photos and stories of my life in Peru. Join with me on this journey!

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  1. Kristen, You haven't even left yet and already I'm really enjoying your blog.....keep it up. I look forward to your next post.