Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As I count down my days left here in Colorado; my time left at home (48 days) and in the office (1 day), I am trying to remind myself to take in every moment instead of hopeing and wishing for it to be May 17th already. At work I’m realizing how deep my relationships run with each client. So many are near and dear to me and I will miss working with them. I even had a client make me a beautiful going away cake! Thanks Stacy, you are so sweet!

It wasn’t until I was in Boise for my interview with Extreme when mobilization coordinator Travis Miner pointed out I’m a relational person. My life revolves around my relationships with others. When people ask me, like Travis’ wife Heather did, ‘What do you do for fun?’; I don’t always know how to respond because fun for me is doing whatever I’m doing with the people I love and have relationships with. I love movies, camping, putt putt, shopping, hiking, photography, anything really, but especially when I’m with my friends and family.

I see now as I step back, that my daily life revolves around my relationships. Like this morning when I got starbucks and I chat with the barista’s that are used to seeing me on occasion, we talk about jewelry and shoes mostly. Hehe! I also stop and chat with Mike, the homeless man who hangs around the coffee shop and never asks me for anything other than a smile and a moment of time.

I know I will have days and moments of sadness in Peru, missing my friend, family, clients, the barista’s, Mike and so many more, but I’m so excited to build new relationships with the other 40/40’s, my Peruvian partner, and the women, men, children and teens, of Peru! And to top it all off….thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet; I can still keep in touch and continue my relationships with all of you whom I love!

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  1. Relationships... that is where I have been trying to come to peace with this whole trip. If you read my blog that I posted today this is what it's about. It's comforting to know that the other 40/40's are going through the same things I am. I'm praying for you and all the others!