Thursday, March 11, 2010

Praise God....

I haven't even left the country and the devil is already working against my journey. About two weeks ago I noticed a large lump moving around my collar bone. It was really weird and creepy so I scheduled an appointment with my physician. The lump appeard just a day or so before I was leaving for my interview with Extreme in Bosie. I felt confident this would turn out to be nothing as God has directed me to this opportunity in Peru and I know He would continue to pave the way. My doctor said she wasn't very worried about the lump other than it is in a strange location and I am leaving the country for a few years, so she sent me to a specialist. Yesterday I went to the specialist and the lump has shrunk down to almost nothing! The specialist said he is honestly not worried about this lump even with me leaving the country. He feels it's nothing harmful although he does agree with my regular physician it is in a strange location. But the best part is that the lump shrunk! I know that was God! Praise God for taking care of me and continuning to lead me toward His will. Thanks to everyone for your prayers!

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