Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When you're on a road trip and three miles away from the rest stop, and you really need a potty break, but you stop for an accident because moments before two drunk guys that spun off the road and you check to see if they are ok, which they are, and wait for the cops to come....flexibility.
When you have packed for springtime weather and have a maxi dress and ballet flats set aside for church on Sunday, but wake up Sunday morning to a few inches of snow.....flexibility.

When you have traveled from Denver to New Mexico with the intention of joining our adopted Navajo church on Sunday and have loaded in the car and heading that way, then you get a call that church is cancelled due to the snow....flexibility.
When you go to Starbucks because church is cancelled...this is the kind of flexibility I like!

When you go to a different church instead and five minutes into the service get a call the Navajo church is back on....flexibility.

When you have things planned out a certain way and things don't go your way, be reminded that God has a bigger and better plan which rarely fits into the little molded plan we have in our minds. So that was the theme of my weekend trip to New Mexico, God is preparing me and teaching me....flexibility!

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