Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I thought I would tell you all a little about our journey to get here! We started out on Saturday, we left the Bible College we were staying at about 2pm in Hobe Sound Florida and rode on a bus for an hour to get to the Ft Lauderdale aiport. We hung out and waited in the airport for a while then finally got on a plane to Houston. In Houston we arrived about 8 pm at night and waited for quite a while for a shuttle to the hotel, went to the hotel and slept. Then Sunday morning we all got up, showered and packed up yet again, had communion and Bible study together in the hotel and headed out to the Houston airport. We hung out at the airport (this was our theme for the weekend!) and waited for our departure. Finally we got onto our flight to Lima! We left Houston at about 3:45 pm and got to Lima about 10:15 pm (same time zone). In Lima it was too early to check our bags for our 6 am flight to Arequipa so we found a hallway and sat with all our luggage. Some people were able to fall asleep and rest and some of us were not. Trevor, Micha and I played cards for a while. Then while playing cards, the airport staff requested we move everyone and their stuff to the other side of the hall because they needed to clean our side. So we had to wake everyone up and move everything. Finally after that I tried to rest but the tile floor was mucho frio and I probably slept for about 45 minutes. We got up at 4 am to check our bags and head to the gate. I had a few minutes of internet availablity before we got on the plane so I emailed my parents and Brooke since I had tried to call them on Saturday from the hotel and they didn't answer! We got on our plane to Arequipa at 6 am and got to Arequipa at about 7:30 am. Phew, quite the journey to get here! But I'm finally here!
Love you all!

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