Thursday, May 6, 2010


My Daddy, or Daditta as Brooke and I call him, took me on a mini road trip this weekend! Dad and I drove out to Grand Junction on Sunday afternoon and stayed the night at our friends, Vic & Linda's house. Monday morning Dad bought me Starbucks because he lost a bet! After Dad made good on our bet, we went to the National Monument. We did some hiking and walking around in God's amazing creation. I love being in the middle of the beauty He created for us! Daditta and I enjoyed the atmosphere and time together while taking photographs. Above are a few photos from our time in National Monument and I will post more on Facebook.
It was an awesome short trip: being able to see the Pawley's one last time, spending time with my Daddy, going through the mountains, seeing snow, taking pictures, hanging out in the sunshine all day, creating an adventure, and duh....Dad bought Starbucks! But seriously, I am grateful to have such a wonderful Dad and such a wonderful relationship with him. I'm also incredibly grateful to have had the chance to spend so much time with him these past few years. Love you Dadditta!

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