Thursday, May 13, 2010


All my stuff packed!

Stuff I'm not bringing. ; (

One of the most common questions people ask me when they hear I am going to Peru is, "How do you pack for 27 months?" I couldn't really answer that question until now. If any of you ever decide to move to another country for 27 months here is step by step instructions on How to Pack:
Step 1: Auction off all your purses so you are not tempted to bring them and so you know they are at a good home now.
Step 2: Email the girls already in Peru for advice on packing.
Step 3: Dig through the enourmous pile of clothes you never hang up and decide which clothes to bring.
Step 4: Buy toiletries at WalMart, Big Lots, and the Dollar Store.
Step 5: Get tired of shopping for miscellaneous items.
Step 6: Downsize enourmous amounts of medical supplies by taking everything out of the boxes and cramming everything into ziplock bags.
Step 7: Pray that everything fits.
Step 8: Pack everything.
Step 9: Realize you should have prayed everything comes in under 50 lbs a bag.
Step 10: Unpack everything and eliminate as much as possible.
Step 11: Repack everything minus the eliminated items.
Step 12: Weigh bags again.
Step 13: Repeat Steps 10 - 12 until you are throughly frustrated and have given up on bringing 15+ pounds of stuff.
Step 14: Praise the Lord your material life fits into two checked bags, a carry on suitcase and a backpack!

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