Monday, October 25, 2010


This past week has been full of changes and emotions with a member of the Arequipa team going back to the states, preaching in spanish for our final exam in class, saying goodbye to the Cusco team as they left for Cusco, moving into the apartments and to top it off, we found out Sunday night that one of the pastors, the house dad for my good friends Garren, Trevor and Micah, during our time in spanish school, passed away last night. His name is Genaro and he has left behind his wife and two children as well as the church body. Please pray for the family and the church (Umacollo Iglesia del Nazareno) at this time.

So you might wonder, why is the title of this blog "Shane". Well, the last memorial service I went to before today was for my good friend Shane Washington in December. And going through this sad time down here makes me think about and miss Shane more than normal. But it also reminds me that Shane is a huge part of why I am here in Peru right now. Shane's passing made me realize the importance of time and the urgency of the gospel. I miss Shane and I still cry some days and think about our long conversations and the fun we had. But I'm glad to be reminded that he is a part of my life now and forever. Better yet, he's a part of my reason for coming here!

I wrote a letter to Shane in my journal in the end of December to help deal with my thoughts and feelings. Here is a part of what I wrote in my letter, keep in mind this was while I had been thinking about and praying for a missions opportunity but before I knew anything about Peru or Extreme....

You have given me a few gifts from this situation, I am learning that this life is so temporary and I can’t hesitate in doing God’s Will, I must do it now, the minute I have been called. Also, I’m learning so much I think, do, and worry about doesn’t matter. I need to get my priorities straight. And, this has emphasized the magnitude and gift of God’s redeeming love. I thank God for helping me learn through a tragedy. It’s the difficult times that we rely on Him and grow closer to Him. Shane, I’m going to miss you but know I will always remember and love you. God crossed our paths for a reason and I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with you.

Kristen, Nathan, Shane - Rockies Game September 2009

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