Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Look & Water Stories.....

So, have you noticed my new blog look and my new title? I asked my friend and Puno brother, Trevor, to help me out with a better title. And since I have convinced everyone down here that I'm a Princess, he came up with ideas all revolving around a Princess theme. Literally, many people down here call me Princessa. ha! I love it! So when Trevor gave me some name ideas, I saw 'The Princess and the P" where the green pea stands for Peru! How creative! (Please note the Peruvian flag in the Pea was my idea so I did contribute something!) Also, what a coincidence since Mom and Dad used to call Brooke "Braveheart" and I was the "Princess and the Pea". But hey, who's in Peru right now and has skydived?! So like normal, I want it all and would like to claim both nicknames. haha! But give all the credit of my new name and blog look to my good friend Trevor Allen!

Ok, now I would like to tell you two fun little stories from this week involving water. It was not a good week for me in regard to water. Either too little or too much!

The first story, I was watching Chad and Amanda's kiddos, Thomas and Ella while Chad and Amanda were at their weekly cluster support meeting. This is a normal routine but this week they were finally in their new apartment and had their washing machine hooked up. (Please note I do not babysit for money but for use of a washing machine!). So Chad told me to bring my clothes over and do my first load of laundry in their new machine while I was watching the kids. Actually, it was quite and easy day. I read two books to the kids and put them down for their nap. So I had nothing to do, I opened Amanda's computer and started watching a kids movie to pass the time. (Rough huh?!) Then I thought, wow, the washing machine is quite noisy. I walked into the kitchen to check it out and I found a pond of water in the middle of the kitchen floor! (This would be the story with TOO MUCH water!) The way we hook up washing machines here is a hose from the washing sink to the machine and a hose from the machine to the sink to drain the water. Well the hose that drains the water into the sink slipped off the sink and instead of draining into the sink, drained all the water onto the kitchen floor. I freaked out for a second, pulled everything off the floor and noticed the floor drain, thank goodness! I spent the entire time they were gone sweeping water into the floor drain. I felt awful, but luckily when they got home Chad and Amanda said that this has happened to them before as well.

Now for the other water story. I got up Wednesday morning and hopped in the shower. Since we are trying to keep our water bill down and to savor any warm or tepid water, I usually turn the water off while I'm soaping up. So I was all soapy and had shampoo in my hair, facewash on my face and I go to turn the water back on....nothing (This would be the story with TOO LITTLE water). For some reason when we have water problems here the showers are the first to go and the last to come back. So I stood there for a few minutes hoping it would come back. I tried the water again, nope. So I had to use my dry towel to get off all the soap and my partner Franci brought me a bucket of water from downstairs to get the shampoo out of my hair.

So there's some little tidbits about my week. Next time you do a load of laundry without flooding the house or take a shower without running out of water, say a prayer for me! hehe!

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  1. I think you had the better childhood nickname. You got to marry a prince, while Brooke would have faced the guillotine.