Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting Real…..

Finally, the time has come to pack up and clean the house!  Tuesday’s are the start to our workweek and I started my day off normal enough, with a run then coffee and my Bible. 


But this morning was different, I stayed home while Franci went out on our regular visits.  I stayed home to scrub down our kitchen in preparation to leave.  Literally, there’s some gunk that I think only NASA could get off.  But, I left it as sparkling as possible, hopefully sparking enough for the owners who are coming into town tomorrow!


In the past two years, we’ve all learned to live a lot more frugal than in the states.  Not only do I freak out if I have to pay more than $1.50 (about S/. 4), for lunch, but also, we have been using the same broken mop bucket for over a year now.  The bucket broke almost immediately after buying it in January of 2011, and here we are, July 2012, using the same bucket with a bit of string holding it together.  The trick is, you have to put your feet on either side of the bucket to hold it in place while you squeeze out the mop without pushing down, just twisting.  Oh and, the mop stick broke a few weeks ago so now the stick on the mop only moonlights as the mop stick, it is actually the broomstick, which is also broken but taped up enough to function.

DSC_0006-002 DSC_0007


After spending the entire morning, washing dishes, scrubbing every single tile, table, cabinet and surface in that kitchen, I was hungry, it was time to stop for lunch.  I started coughing the other day, I don’t want to get sick!  So, I made myself some quick and easy egg drop soup to soothe my throat.


Now Franci was home and ready to help me tackle what we call the “Impact Room”.  This is where we put all of our impact event supplies such as the sound equipment to show the Jesus Film, puppets for kids festivals, Bibles and books to give out, etc, etc.  This room has become a disaster!  We had to get in there to organize and clean.  Franci did a good first round sort while I ate my lunch.  Then, I went down and got down to the nitty gritty and finished the job.  Check out the before and after….

DSC_0010 DSC_0016

Now, I’m going to rest a bit before prayer service tonight in Yanamayo.  But here’s a sneak peak at the mess I need to organize, clean and pack this week…..


 DSC_0026 DSC_0021

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