Friday, July 15, 2011


I leave for vacation in 7 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes and about 15 seconds (give or take a few)! But as you can tell, I'm not excited at all. ha! I won't be home until a few days after I leave Puno because I'm heading to Iquitos first to see the jungle and the Amazon river. I decided I can't live in Peru for two years without seeing the jungle! Plus I have some friends up there I can stay with and visit.

But, here's a list of things I'm going to enjoy while in the states.....instead of how I live here......

* washing my hands with hot water from the faucet.....instead of washing my hands with cold water when there is running water
* putting dishes in the dishwasher.....instead of washing dishes by hand with cold water
* spending time with my family......instead of being a combi and 3 plane rides away from them
* hanging out with friends.......instead of the occasional skype date
* wearing cute heels......instead of wearing the same boot/tennis every day
* using a purse......instead of lugging around a backpack daily
* wearing one layer of clothes......instead of wearing two layers on bottom and four - five on top
* speaking in English......instead of struggling to arrange my thoughts in Spanish
* going out to lunch or dinner and picking something to eat off a huge menu.....instead of going out to a menu with two to four choices for the day
* eating yogurt......instead of drinking runny yogurt
* walking down a street with my head held high.....instead of looking where I'm walking to watch out for trash, dogs and human pee puddles
* putting toilet paper in the toilet.......instead of putting it in the trash can
* showering on a daily basis.....instead of adhering to a four - five day a week shower schedule
* eating Mexican food.......instead of living in a Latin country without a hint of Mexican goodness in their food preferences
* watching tv at the touch of a button.........instead of waiting for tv shows to download on my computer
* seeing a Rockies game in Coors Stadium.......instead of just seeing updates on facebook
* spending time in the Rocky Mountains.........instead of spending time in these hills with no trees
* being invisible......instead of being the gringa that sticks out in a crowd
* being in a culture I understand........instead of being in a culture that confuses me more and more daily
* walking around Wal Mart........instead of going through one the dinky "supermarket" here
* traveling in a car........instead of riding in a combi with 15 - 22 other people
* getting food to go in a styrafoam box.......instead of to go food and drinks in baggies
* seeing police on normal duty........instead of seeing military men with rifles, helmets and shields
* eating a leisurely dinner on the porch at sunset........instead of eating dinner fast so the food doesn't get cold while in the house
* washing my hands and the water comes out clear........instead of washing my hands and the sink turns gray or brown

I'm sure there's more. There is so much that I'm going to enjoy during my time at home. Although I could (and do!) complain about so many things here, I truly have a blessed life here. I live with some awesome people who I love and call family (shout out to Chad, Amanda, Ella, Thomas, Garren, Trevor, Franci, Geremias, Sixto and Nelson!). I have hot showers, a comfy and warm bed, a rewarding job, a huge support system from home, water, food, internet, and more! I'm going to enjoy all the things that I miss from "home". But also on vacation, I'm going to miss all the things I enjoy here in Puno. I'll miss seeing lake titicaca everyday, my family here, sleeping with hot water bottles, walking down streets where people know me, seeing kids playing outside, watching people read the Bible for the first time, praying with our contacts and seeing these people I've come to love grow in God.
I'm looking forward to vacation, being home for a bit and getting a much needed break from work. But, when vacation is over, I think I'll be ready to get back here to Puno and get back to work and the life I truly love (sometimes deep-deep down) here in Peru.

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