Monday, April 25, 2011

Dog Bite....

Well, some of you have heard, a dog bite me on the leg this past week. Franci and I had just talked to Ana for a few minutes at her door and left to go meet up with some other contacts in Yanamayo. We started walking down a dirt road and two dogs came out barking. This is common in Yanamayo and I'm generally not scared. Or in better words, I can't be scared because Franci is terrified, we can't both be scared! So just imagine Franci and I, standing in the middle of the street, Franci swinging her backpack at the dogs and me yelling at them. Franci fell down onto the dirt but got back up. While we were busy with the two dogs in front of us, another dog came up from behind and bit me. I pulled away as soon as I felt the pressure and walked a few feet away from the action. There was a hole in my pants and a pain in my leg. I called Amanda right away and she called the nurse. While waiting to hear back from Amanda on what to do next, Franci and I continued visiting a few contacts, unsure of what else to do. I got a call back from Amanda and she said I need rabies shots. So, we said bye to our contacts, went home to get money and paperwork, then went to the clinic for a doctor to clean up the cut and went to the hospital to start the series of rabies shots. Today I'll get shot 5 of 10, woohoo,halfway there! The shots are a series of 7 daily shots and then 3 more spread out over a few weeks.

It's been quite an interesting experience. I really feel priviledged to be able to have been born in the 80's but experience the 50's. Literally, most everything in the clinic and the hospital is from the 50's or 60's. They have old metal beds, they keep medical supplies in wooden cabinets with glass windows and everything is painted white or a classic light/seafoam green. I've seen movies set in the 50's or 60's. But now I get to experience it firsthand! I do have to admit I was scared about the lack of technology as one man typed out my information on a metal typewriter then went to the ice box to pull out the vaccine. But, everyone is really nice and the bite is healing up well. Actually, I'm sure they don't see many white people in the hospital here. I walked into the triage room and one nurse came in and started laughing. Then she yelled for other people to come in and take a look. I'm assuming she didn't know I could speak spanish because then I said in spanish, 'yeah, everyone come and look at the gringa' and she looked quite suprised.Needless to say, its been an interesting experience. But, I'm grateful the bite wasn't worse and that I am able to get the rabies vaccine for peace of mind.

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