Monday, March 21, 2011



Drinking Starbucks is a rare event here! I haven't had a latte since I was home for Christmas and these guys hadn't had Starbucks since the last time we were in Lima for our residency process.
A beautiful sunset from the plane on my way to Lima.


I'm now an official Peruvian resident!


Franci and I climbing rocks in Huascar with an awesome view!
Stuck in the 50's
Glass bottles are still used here. Yep, just like the 50's!
Twice this week I've fallen on my bum. Once I was walking down a wet hill, slipped and fell right into dirty water. Then, the same week on the same street, I slipped on some gravel and fell on my bum again. Nothing is hurt, just my pride!
Clothes drying. We use a plant stand to dry our socks and undies.
Claudia, a 20 year old German girl who was traveling on the same bus as me a few weeks ago. Her backpack with her laptop, two computers and more was stolen while she was sleeping on the bus. I spent hours with her at the police station and had her stay at our house with us for a few days until she headed to Bolivia.

Nope, its not snow. It's actually summer here! This was a little hail-man these guys made after a hail storm one afternoon. This is the first "snowman" Franci has ever seen. She's actually never seen snow.

Street Food
Beware. No further comments.
More Falling
I was on a bus on our way back from Arequipa to Puno and I had to use the bathroom. It's a double decker bus. I went downstairs and used the bathroom. As I was pulling my pants up, the bus went around a big curve and I fell into the door which I didn't lock and fell out the door with my pants around my ankles. Luckily no one saw me!
This is a view from my bedroom of the party going on behind our house. And the other is the party happening in front of our house. The house behind the tent on the left is ours.
These ladies loved playing dress up with us! The skirt (pollera), shawl, and hat (sombrero) all together come out to about S/. 450; a very expensive outfit here as you can purchase jeans, a sweater and a baseball hat for S/. 40.

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