Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spa Day and Cow Heads....

This morning we woke up to no running water in our entire district of Zamacola. Uck! Can I tell you how disgusting it is to not have running water with 28 people living in one place! The toilets turn into outhouses and everyone smells and has dirty hands. I was especially frustrated this morning as it was my day to take a shower. Yes, I said "my day to take a shower", I don't take showers everyday! With cold water, 14 girls, and 2 showers I have become accustom to taking showers every other day. Since moving into the church from my Peruvian family's house a month ago I have not had a hot shower. I have had one warm shower, many tepid showers and some darn cold showers.

So, back to this morning. I threw my hair up in my baseball cap, kept my sweatpants on and just threw on a new tshirt. Went to class and then after class I ran by the Extreme office to pick up a package that had arrived for me. This was a package from my Mommy and Daddy! I needed a new hairdryer because mine broke. So I got my hairdryer along with some disinfecting hand wipes and a ped egg/pumice stone. (For you boys reading this, its basically like sand paper for your skin). Arequipa is a desert and I can't stand dry feet so my mommy answered my request for a pumice stone.

I was super excited about my package of goodies and went back home to the church to find running water! I was the first girl in the shower and I had hot water...burning hot! I enjoyed my delightful shower, first touch of hot water to my skin in over a month. And then I used my pumice stone/ped egg and some new lotion from my friend Tricia (Momma Tricia as I call her) on my feet. And of course, I used my new blowdryer. I hadn't blow dried my hair in over a month as well! After I was ready with clean clothes and make up on, I felt as though I had just been to the spa! It's quite sad that hot water, a pumice stone, lotion and a blowdryer is what I now consider a spa day! But it was refreshing and I still feel cleaner and more satisfied than I have in a while. Thanks mom and dad for the presents!

After my "spa treatment" I did my homework with my partner, Francisca. Since we are in a class this week about relationship building, our homework was to spend time together this afternoon. So we walked over to the market close by. We had a good time talking and just being together. I hope you enjoy the pictures, especially the one of three cow heads hanging on hooks as if they were hand towels or jackets! What a way to end my spa day!

Higado......Liver.......S/. 9.00
Panza........Stomach........S/. 6.00
Blando......Soft Meat.........S/. 5.00
Tripa......Intestine.......S/. 5.00
Cabeza......Head........S/. 7.00

And of course.....the three cow heads! Disfruten! (You guys Enjoy!)

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